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PPTs using GPTs


Stunning product visuals in seconds with AI


Save Time, Master Media with AI-Optimized Video Briefs

UniGlobal AI CV and Cover Letter Generator

Unlock the world of international education with UniGlobal Careers – because your superhero powers deserve a global stage! 💪🌎

Blend Studio

Text-to-image AI Background Generator

FlirtAI App

Your AI-Powered Dating Chat Assistant! Let AI Write Perfect Responses.



Roam Around

AI travel agent. Enter a destination, get an instant itinerary.


Transcribe and summarize video/audio instantly

Ultimate creative solution hub, offering a wide range of mini-products powered by AI

A universe of personalized, interactive storytelling where each narrative is a unique adventure shaped by AI.

Hairstyle AI

Try AI-generated hairstyles to find the perfect look for you.

LOKRROOM - Where athletes connect

LinkedIn for college athletes