Momentum Radar - #1 AI Tool For Discovering Big Trends Before They Take Off

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About the product

Unlock the next generation research and technical analysis toolkit. True gains only come from reliable data and justified decisions.

Momentum Radar features:

  • Momentum Radar
  • Momentum Trending by Chain
  • Indicators

Momentum Radar©

Get the true sentiment edge. Our proprietary monitoring algorithm monitors crypto communities, more than 10 000 influencers and social media to predict market trends and sentiment shifts. Be the first to know when the market moves.

Trending By Chain©

Trending by Chain algorithm monitors crypto data and determines which tokens are trending based on Volume, Liquidity and Recent On-chain activity. Trends captured on lower time frames usually lead to bigger gains. Please try to explore signals and always do the research before investing.


Decode Market Structure With Momentum Indicators. In our collection:

  • Momentum Radar Indicator
  • Momentum Wave
  • Divergences PRO
  • Institutional Algo
  • MoM Algo V15
  • Momentum ALL-IN-ONE
  • Momentum Balance Finder
  • Momentum Insider
  • Sniper v3
  • Strong BUY / Strong SELL
  • Momentum Structure PRO
  • Ultima +
  • Impulse Targets



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