Automatically warm up your email and domain.

Added by Warmy 2 years ago

About the product

Automatically warm up your email and domain. Mailboxes ready for Email Marketing campaigns with highest deliverability, using state of the art automatic warm up process.

Warmy helps you to increase deliverability. Warmy raises your sender reputation by interacting with real people about any topic in any languge and helps you to hit the inbox of your prospect. Everything is automated.

Full automation. Simply connect your mailbox and let “Adeline”, our Artificial Intelligence engine, warm up the mailbox in the optimal pace.

Analyzing hundreds of parameters a day, interacting with real people on your behalf, and making sure you hit the inbox in every single email you send.



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Warmy is a robust email marketing platform that's perfect for email and domain warm-ups. I was able to easily apply all the functions, it works well. Registration is very simple. There is a free period. The cost is very low compared to other such companies. It is a trusted source for email marketing campaigns.

Kate commented 2 years ago
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Fantastic experience so far. The only product I have found that suits my needs is for sending programmatic email campaigns via API.

I was looking for a low-cost provider for creating API-based email campaigns at a low cost. After testing many suppliers, including more reputable companies, Wormi was found to be the most suitable for my needs.

Olena commented 2 years ago
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The deliverability on Warmy is amazing. We are getting 40-80% open rates and response rates and booking more meetings than we can handle. My sales guy got 88 appointments last month when we were averaging 60 appointments.

Connor Wilson commented 2 years ago
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We've been using Warmy for over a year. I chose this service because it is cheaper than the others, and the functionality is the same as for many. Mailing automation works fine, files are not lost.

What problems do you solve with the product? What benefits have you realized?
I've been doing email for a long time and Warmy is the second service I use. It is very convenient for me and I will continue to work with it.

There are no complaints about the service. I didn't find anything inconvenient or complicated, everything is intuitive.

Melinda commented 2 years ago
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Very easy to use, cheap price, good deliverability.

I like the fact that I use very millet. No special knowledge of HTML, etc. is required. You can figure it out easily.

The price is cheaper than others. There are often promotions.

The deliverability of letters and the opening rate have increased. Therefore, we achieve marketing goals with this application.

Lisa Smit commented 2 years ago
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Reliable platform. Great price.

Warmy is a good, reliable email marketing automation platform that's perfect for warm-up your domain or mail. If you want to choose Warmy, you don't need to be an email specialist, CRM guru or IT guru. It is very user friendly. The ability to quickly focus on specific target users. Warms up the domain well.

Leanne Pilkington commented 2 years ago
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Easy to use, convenient, good performance and price.

Nice platform, easy to use and very simple. Compared to others, the price is cheaper. I love that it saves my templates and contacts, so you can easily send similar messages rather than having to start over every time.

This is a way to email my clients. Saving my time and energy. Warms up mail and domain quickly. There is a free period.

Blaise Punturo commented 2 years ago
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One of the Best cold mailing tool

Warmy wherein you can warm up the email/domain

With Warmy you can generating leads, setting up follow up emails

Anthony Phillips commented 2 years ago
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Cheap and easy to use. It's easy to set up and use. I used to use other providers to warm up my email and it was difficult to use. If you need to warm up your inbox, this is exactly the service you need. My email open rates increased, and the number of spam emails dropped dramatically.

Alexander Emelianov commented 2 years ago
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Warmy does exactly what it should do. Fast warm-up of mailboxes for outbound sales. Saves my time and eliminates unnecessary work. I was also impressed by the customer support, everything is very fast and affordable.

Maria Portnova commented 2 years ago
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