Enum Smart AI Assistant

A new-generation, smart AI chatbot helps your users after-hours

Added by Ekaterina Kleymenova 2 months ago

About the product

  • Easy and fast installation of the Crisp plugin
  • Autonomous use for asking questions about your data
  • Loading of plain text, PDFs, or entire websites (with automatic scraping, full or partial, including subdomains) or manual URL entry
  • Viewing and editing texts extracted from your data sources
  • Conversational AI
  • Custom chatbot icon
  • Custom chatbot messages
  • Buttons in responses (feedback, request an agent, and resolve the conversation)
  • Add links in the response (the number of them is configurable)
  • Automatic chatbot deactivation when an agent joins the conversation (you can reactivate it via the Enum dashboard)
  • Automatic re-activating the chatbot when a conversation is resolved
  • Integration with 7 other channels (WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, Instagram and others)
  • Extensive language support, including automatic language detection and the ability to communicate in 107 languages
  • Optional OpenAI key usage
  • GPT model of your choice (GPT-4, GPT-4 Turbo, and OpenAI Assistant are available on plans with your own OpenAI key)
  • Secure integration with Crisp and Crisp chatbot
  • Integration with Crip's triggers
  • Ability to ask questions about your data before plugin installation, directly in the Enum dashboard
  • Live testing your Crisp chatbot, right in the Enum dashboard
  • Run your chatbot on schedule!
  • Set up the greeting message
  • Get detailed stats on button clicks
  • Run and test your chatbot in our safe testing environment without affecting your users!
  • Use fine-tuning parameters for indexing and querying your data
  • The option to pause the chatbot when a user requests human assistance
  • Logs for a project (where you can see errors from OpenAI) The same information but presented a bit differently



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