Your no-code assistant to build product walkthroughs for your SaaS.

Added by mert 2 years ago

About the product

If you have a software product, you already know that onboarding new users and highlighting new features is a must. Without good activation and retention rates, you'll have a hard time to become profitable.

There are 2-3 good open source projects that'll help you this actually. You should give them a look. But if you are a non-technical Maker, or if you want to keep your developer's focus on building the product, you can try a low-cost user onboarding solution as well.

Well, meet UserGuiding. You'll have 2 weeks of free trial (no credit card required) and will have analytics, integrations, customization, NPS surveys, and checklist as well. Everything you need to guide your users to the "Aha!" moment of your product. After that, they'll become your long time customers.


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I need to check this out!

Primer commented 2 years ago
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squeend replied 3 months ago

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