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Host your own online pub quiz for remote co-workers or family & friends

Added by Even Remotely Pub Quiz 3 years ago

About the product

When lock-down started everyone was doing pub quizzes on Zoom all the time, but everyone was also faffing around with scoring and actually running the thing. So when I had some free time to reacquaint myself with modern Javascript I picked this as my vehicle.

Even Remotely Pub Quiz makes it easy to host your own online quiz for remote co-workers, or family & friends. The format and pacing is more similar to a traditional pub quiz than let's say Kahoot, while still not involving much manual labor with gathering and scoring answers. As a quiz-master, the way the actual game mechanics work out is more organic as you can see which questions are difficult and give hints and feedback in real time, and people crack you up with nutty answers when they don't know... which you can then reward with bonus points as you wish.

In a way, the golden window of opportunity for this kind of product ended around late May/early June, but since many people are still working from home this is a great addition to social gatherings for remote teams.


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I think this is awesome and I'm going to use it as a team building exercise with my colleagues instead of doing "work" at our next remote catchup.

Primer commented 3 years ago
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Even Remotely Pub Quiz replied 3 years ago

Thanks man, let me know how it goes!