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Maps Scraper AI is like a robot that scrapes Bing Maps, giving us real, verified leads. It's the best way to get leads automatically, straight from Maps listings.

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About the product

Get Local Leads with the power of AI.A great tool for generating leads to collecting information from Maps for potential customers automatically.

Why Use Maps Scraper?

Scraping Bing Maps data has many benefits, including lead generation, research and data science, monitoring competition, and obtaining business contact details. It can help businesses understand customer needs, research competitors, and develop new strategies

Maps Scraper Features

  1. Extract email and social media. Unique ability to extract email addresses associated with listed companies, which are not typically displayed on Maps.

  2. Ease of Use. Allows data extraction from Maps without writing any code (Python or JavaScript).

  3. Batch Lookup. Batch search capability to search for multiple keywords simultaneously, streamlining the process.

  4. Lightning-Fast Results. Lightning-fast results and time savings by providing instant, accurate insights without the need to build and test a custom web scraping tool.

  5. Works like a real user. Mimics real user behavior using Chrome, reducing the risk of being blocked by Maps.

  6. Well Maintained Software. Well-maintained software, ensuring timely updates to accommodate any changes on the Maps website, enabling seamless and uninterrupted operation.

Extract contacts from maps using Maps Scraper AI?

Step 1 : One way to find nearby businesses is by simply entering your query into Bing Maps, which will then use your location to identify local businesses, helping you find services that are quick and nearby.

Step 2 : Open the Chrome extension with a simple mouse click. It's so easy to get started with your crawl, you'll be up and running in just a few seconds.

Step 3: You can export results in CSV or XLS file, with no limits on the amount of data you can export. In addition, the software supports exporting emails and phone numbers, among other feature


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