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Added by Jorrit Keijzer 3 years ago

About the product

Juno is a place where you can store, share, read and find articles and blogs online.

We started Juno to solve three problems: Not being able to easily keep track of articles and blog posts you read online, every site having a different layout and style which sometimes made it hard to read something in a nice way, and that we couldn’t find a place on the internet where we could find interesting articles, blog post, essays and ideas.

We are building Juno to solve these problems. We have made it possible to easily share and find articles, blog posts and essays to your friends and colleagues, storing them in organised lists and reading them in a reader friendly (e-bookish) way.

And we are planning to do a lot more. This is still an MVP so we have lots to improve. We’d love your help and input and build an amazing tool that everyone can use to share and learn new ideas.


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