Advanced language learning tool - improve your speaking, listening and spelling with audio paragraphs

Added by Alex 3 years ago

About the product

While there are lots of language learning tools out there, most of them target beginner learners. There are very few tools, if any, designed to help intermediate/advanced level speakers further improve their language. SpeakyReads does that in a unique way.

The building blocks of SpeakyReads are audio paragraphs. Audiobooks read by native speakers in multiple languages are split into individual short paragraphs, the text and audio of which are synchronized.

SpeakyReads has two modes of learning:

  • Reading Mode
  • Dictation Mode

Reading mode is designed to improve your speaking. The practice routine consists of three steps:

  1. Listen to a paragraph as it is read by the native speaker.
  2. Record yourself reading the same text.
  3. Compare your recording with the original audio.

Dictation mode is designed to enhance your listening and improve your spelling. In this mode, some portion of the words in each paragraph are hidden. You have to listen to the audio and fill in the missing words based on what you hear.

Find out more at https://speakyreads.com


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This is really cool! I've been looking for a way to practice my French.

Joe Rogan commented 3 years ago
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Alex replied 3 years ago

Thanks. I'm glad you find it useful :)

intilky replied 4 months ago

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Very original idea. I like it.

jixino4676 commented 3 years ago
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Alex replied 3 years ago