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🔄 Backup and synchronization solution 👌 Easy, lightweight & efficient 🔥 Cloud and rsync based

Added by Paul Fresquet 2 weeks ago

About the product

POW ByteSync is a remote data backup and synchronization solution designed to be lightweight, secure and powerful.

POW ByteSync is unique in that it is cloud-based and integrates rsync synchronization technologies to provide significant benefits:

  • It is easy to deploy. Most of the time, it will not require firewall settings.
  • It offers a session system that allows up to 5 clients.
  • The scanning time of the directory and file tree is reduced.
  • Its synchronization performance is excellent. It transfers only minimal parts containing the differences between files.

In order to respect privacy, end-to-end encryption is used to exchange data between clients. The data belongs to our users, the solution only transfers it and cannot read it.

You can read more about how POW ByteSync leverages the cloud and rsync on our blog.

The solution will be available at the beginning of 2022, in both free and paid versions with a smart licensing system.






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