Stay updated on when software work is available

Added by Ravi Chodavarapu 3 years ago

About the product

The main problem I'm trying to address is the core problem with software recruitment: there's a lot of demand for software engineers (especially intermediate and senior engineers), and not enough supply of non-junior engineers. This makes recruitment the job of trying to convince people to switch from a job they're already in and love, or find engineers who are unhappy with their current roles. It's a tough job.

The solution I'm working on:

  • Connect with teams you've previously worked with for the express purpose of letting them tell you about new roles that might interest you
  • Connect with new companies you've never worked with for the express purpose of hearing about new roles they have
  • Have a process (pre-approval) that allows companies to go through some of the review and assessment process with you even if you aren't going to immediately start working for them
  • Allow companies to have pools of talent, some of who they have pre-approved, so that when new work is available, pre-approved engineers can start immediately

So unlike the other approach of trying to get people to switch, the solution I'm trying to achieve here is to allow engineers to have a small foot in the door of several companies at a time (be on several company talent pools).


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