Frontendor Version 2

Create professional-looking landing pages by copy-paste.

Added by Hamza Nouali 3 years ago

About the product

Built with Bootstrap 4, Frontendor lets developers construct gorgeous landing pages quickly and easily by using a simple copy-paste method.

Building a landing page usually takes too much time on design and coding.

Even premade templates are rarely easy to customize, they often can't reuse their different parts (footers, pricing tables, etc.), and they’re frequently too expensive for commercial use.

By using Frontendor, you'll save both time and money… and you won’t have to develop everything from scratch!

Get a modern look without having to rely on a designer.

Frontendor also offers an excellent user experience in both mobile and desktop. Plus, there are opportunities to get even more blocks and templates over time for free.

For a one-time investment, start creating an unlimited amount of professional landing pages for your projects and clients.


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