Your Personal AI Executive Assistant which helps in scheduling and calendar management.

Added by Saurabh Pandey 8 months ago

About the product

At Mavex, our motivation for building Mavy stems from witnessing the challenges professionals face in managing their schedules effectively. In today's fast-paced business world, time management is more crucial than ever. We noticed that while there are many calendar tools available, very few truly leverage advanced AI to optimize scheduling and calendar management.

The primary problem Mavy addresses is the inefficiency and time consumption related to scheduling. Traditional methods can involve a lot of back-and-forth, manual cross-referencing of availability, and potential for human error. With Mavy, these problems are mitigated, if not entirely eliminated.

Our intended users are busy professionals, particularly executives, who find themselves juggling multiple commitments. These individuals often find that effective calendar management goes beyond simply setting reminders—it's about optimizing their time for productivity, work-life balance, and strategic planning. Mavy is designed to serve as their AI-powered Executive Assistant, ensuring that their time is leveraged to its fullest potential.





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