Build Instagram Chatbot For Shopify - Absolute Reason for Your ROI Growth

Added by Usama Noman 2 years ago

About the product

InstaChatbot for your Shopify stores is as amazing as your future sales growth. The direct integration of the Shopify store offers a better shopping experience and increases ROI growth by reaching your sales target.

You can simplify your sales on Instagram by automating conversational flow with maximum benefits, including:

Faster and Real-Time Responses: make your customer service even better by building keyword-based chat flow. Once the query triggers, it takes less than 1 second to reply.

A Hyper-Personalized Way: approaching your customers is now easier on the Instagram platform with the personalized touch on all the way by creating an IG chatbot according to user attributes.

Solving Pre-Selling Queries: the one InstaChatbot can reply to different users simultaneously without skipping one. It means no customers will be left with any query or any delay.

Take Orders on Chat Window: there is no need to go on multiple windows to place orders with Shopify, an easy-peasy way of order placement just right away at your Instagram DM.

On-Hand Payment: within the chatbot, you can minimize the effort of checkouts and make secure payment flows.

Free of Cost on Shopify Store: Not paying a single penny to use InstaChatbot, just integrate from Shopify store with your Instagram account and get access to the platform.

The top features help you increase your conversions and achieve your ROI at the end of the day.

Connect Instagram with Messenger API: By connecting your Facebook account with Instagram, you can gather and respond to prospects and customers’ queries in real-time and provide a seamless shopping experience across both platforms.

Integrate Instagram Chatbot with Shopify: Direct connection of Instagram chatbot with Shopify drives more traffic and frictionless selling to manage your sales target. By integrating it from Shopify, you can complete the sales funnel from sharing the product and details to checkouts.

Create Keyword-based Chat Flows: to understand what your customer needs, generate an intelligent chatbot with the help of keywords and phrases that match the most frequently asked questions.

An Instant Lead Capture Tool: enable your comments section as a lead capture tool and deal with your prospects personally in the Instagram chatbot. You can simply take your prospect queries into the DM and pay individual attention to their concerns.

With InstaChatbot, we assure you that it can deliver a better customer experience and maintain healthy customer relationships and see your sales growth elevate at the top.



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