Free Restore Photos

Use AI to restore old black and white photos and blurry face photos.

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About the product

"Restore Photos" is a free online tool that specializes in using AI technology to restore old photos and blurry facial images. This tool can easily restore, repair, and enhance black and white old photos, allowing precious memories to be preserved in their best form and bringing historical brilliance back to life.

Product Features

AI HD Facial Restoration

Utilizes advanced AI algorithms to restore facial features, enhancing photo quality.

Black and White Photo Coloring

AI technology colors black and white old photos, revitalizing historical images.

Photo Restoration and Download

Supports uploading photos in various formats for automatic repair, and the restored photos can be easily downloaded.

Use Cases

  • Restoring old family photos
  • Coloring black and white photos
  • Repairing scratches and stains on old photos

How to Use

  1. Visit the website: Open Restore Photos.
  2. Upload a photo: Select the old photo you want to repair and upload it.
  3. Download the photo: After waiting for about 30 seconds, you can download the repaired photo.


Restore Photos is completely free to use, with no registration required, making it convenient and quick.

Restore Photos is not only a technological challenge but also a legacy of culture and history. If you have old photos that need restoration, consider trying Restore Photos to let your old photos shine in new light.




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