MathSolver (, a 100% FREE AI math solver offering personalized tutoring. Helper Mode provides step-by-step solutions; Learner Mode gives hints accompanied with knowledge points, to guide users to solve problems by themselves.

Added by Iris Qu 3 weeks ago

About the product

We are MathSolver (, the 100% FREE math problem solver offering personalized tutoring experience. We are powered by large language model and knowledge graph. Our vision is to bring interactive and personalized education accessible to everyone anytime, and disseminate educational resources inequity. We are backed by top tech companies like Google, Amazon and top school phds like Stanford and UW. Our product offers 2 modes, Learner Mode and Helper Mode. Helper Mode provides step-by-step solutions with ~90%+ accuracy, and allows users to simply select steps to ask for further explanations. It helps students to double check solution and solve hard math problems. Also, we offer Learner Mode, which breaks large problems into smaller ones, and gives hints accompanied with knowledge points, to guide users solve problems by themselves. It helps students to catch up hard knowledge points and correct concept understanding in a scroatic questioning way.



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