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Build your own private, independent, business intelligence solution.

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About the product

Nearly every single business intelligence provider charges fees for hosting your charts and data and charges for how many users can access your own data on their service. Not this software.

Introducing, WP Business Intelligence, a complete business intelligence solution that allows you to build your own B.I. platform with the power of WordPress. No monthly fees, no extra charges, no per user fees, just your own amazing business intelligence platform.

With our business intelligence software you can connect to several different live databases including Oracle, Informix, Firebird, SQLite, MySQL, MS SQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL. Have more than one database? No problems at all. Connect as many DBs as your system can support. Display your data in 35+ different charts and tables, control user access to charts and dashboards, add various charts to the admin dashboard, and a whole lot more. Our team is passionate about data visualizations and business intelligence, and we are constantly upgrading and improving WP Business Intelligence to give our customers the best platform possible.

Build your b.i. dashboards with dozens chart types to choose from including these, with more being added all the time:

  • Bar Charts
  • Bubble Charts
  • Combo Bar & Line Charts
  • Donut Charts
  • Floating Bar Charts
  • Gauge Charts
  • Grouped Bar Charts
  • Horizontal Bar Charts
  • Line Charts
  • Multi-Axis Line Charts
  • Multi-series Pie Charts
  • Pie Charts
  • Polar Area Charts
  • Radar Charts
  • Scatter Charts
  • Sparkline Charts
  • Stacked Area Charts
  • Stacked Bar Charts
  • Stacked Bar Line Combo Charts
  • Stacked Line Charts
  • Stacked Radar Charts
  • Stepped Line Charts
  • Step Charts

WP Business Intelligence gives you access to Charts.js, Google Charts, and Britecharts to allow you to select the library right for a specific dataset. Each of these libraries has their own editing controls allowing you to adjust colors / palettes, tooltip information, legends, and more.

In our editor you can create database queries using SELECT and then preview your charts, graphs, and tables before ever adding them to a dashboard. Add custom variables to your queries for more functionality.

Build your own dashboards using shortcodes inside any of the page builders for WordPress or the Gutenberg block editor. Dashboards can display several different charts and graphs for a one-time or real-time report. Real-time reports are updated with a simple page refresh.

Host your WPBI installation wherever you want, build out your own internal data reporting tool where the databases and the business intelligence software are hosted on your own servers, manage your software and security on your own, get access to premium support, and keep your business data private all for a low annual fee of $599.

Only want to display data from your site's WordPress database? We offer a free open source version for WordPress users that is continually improved and updated to stay lightweight, useful, and efficient.

Since WP Business Intelligence is built for the WordPress CMS you can use the myriad of plugins available from third-party providers to further extend and customize your private business intelligence solution. Make a custom theme, use plugins to add features no other b.i. platform has, beef up your b.i security, give your dashboards your own label/logo, add welcome messages, and so much more.

If you're serious about building your own customized, private, business intelligence dashboards WP Business Intelligence is the intelligent choice.

We're always here to help our customers and fix reports bugs / errors in 48 hours on average. Read our changelog here, our known issues here, and see our delightfully vague roadmap here.





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