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All-in-one platform for stunning ai, custom, professional premade logos, graphic designing services, Social Media Management, Brandkit, Brand Management, and more.

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About the product

Overview of Kreateable: A Powerful AI-Generated Graphic Design Platform

**Kreateable **is an all-in-one graphic design platform that utilizes generative AI technology to create stunning logos, social media posts, ads, videos, and more. The key features and benefits include:

  • AI-generated logos, posts, and ads
  • Magic resize to effortlessly resize designs for different platforms
  • AI writing to generate marketing copy and content
  • Background removal to isolate image backgrounds
  • Brand management and custom templates
  • Invoices, business documents, and marketing templates

Kreateable aims to make graphic design easy and accessible for businesses, marketers, entrepreneurs, and creators through its intuitive AI tools.

How It Works

Kreateable's AI-powered graphic design process is simple and automated:

  • Logos - Enter your business name, slogan, and category to instantly generate multiple logo options incorporating your details. Further customize the logos with unlimited icons, colors, and layouts.

  • Social Media - Use text and image automation to visualize posts with your content populated across various templates. Or order a custom template tailored to your brand.

  • Ads - Like the posts, quickly visualize ads with your text, images, and call-to-action buttons populated. Kreateable supports all major ad platforms.

  • Videos - Browse Kreateable's library of ready-made animated videos for social media. No editing required.

  • AI Writing - Generate marketing copy and content with AI Writing and seamlessly add it to your designs.

  • **Magic Resize **- Effortlessly resize a template across dimensions while automatically adjusting elements.

  • Templates - Access professional templates for marketing materials, business documents, and more. Easily customize them by uploading your own logo and images.

  • **Brand Management **- Manage all your brand assets and designs in one place for a streamlined workflow.

Throughout the process, Kreateable aims to maximize automation through smart features like bulk generation and synchronization.

Features and Benefits

Kreateable offers the following key features and benefits:


  • Smart logo listings
  • Unlimited icons
  • Logo variants
  • Re-editing
  • Custom dimensions

Social Media

  • Text and image automation
  • Custom templates
  • Bulk generation
  • Cross-platform resize


  • Ad text and visual automation
  • Custom ad templates
  • Major ad platforms supported


  • Categorized video library
  • Ready-made for social media
  • No editing needed
  • Smart instant video preview

AI Writing

  • Generate marketing copy and content
  • Direct in-canvas integration
  • Bulk export generated text

Magic Resize

  • Effortless resizing
  • Elements adjust automatically
  • Cross-platform templates


  • Marketing materials
  • Business documents
  • Upload custom assets
  • High resolution downloads

Brand Management

  • Centralized brand hub
  • Manage brand assets and projects
  • Organized workflow


  • Bulk generation and edits
  • Cross-asset synchronization
  • Detailed creation process visibility
  • Download in multiple formats

Use Cases and Applications

Kreateable can cater to a wide range of use cases:

For Businesses:

  • Logos, branding
  • Marketing materials
  • Advertisements
  • Social media graphics
  • Business documents

For Marketers:

  • Ad campaigns
  • Social media content
  • Landing pages
  • Blogs, articles
  • Email marketing

For Entrepreneurs:

  • New business branding
  • Promotional materials
  • Digital presence
  • Budget marketing

For Creators:

  • YouTube thumbnails
  • Twitch graphics
  • Social media posts
  • Website assets

For Students:

  • Presentations
  • Infographics
  • Assignment visuals
  • Club/group branding
  • And many more!

Kreateable aims to be an accessible design solution for all.




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