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About the product

Problem - Existing methods of sharing costs as a group are as follows; WhatsApp for planning and communication, Splitwise or Excel spreadsheet for managing costs, and the organiser’s bank account for monies, this long and clunky process results in loss of money (£434M lost in out of pocket expenses by housemates every year in the UK) & loss of friendships (1 in 3 would end a Friendship if owed less than £100). Solution - By using cutting-edge technology, data, and AI, we enable roommates, couples, friends, and families to plan and share costs in a social, seamless, and transparent way, all in one app. Think of us as your WhatsApp group with payments. Value - Bantu is a free, All in one, social Multicurrency group app, that allows groups to share, save and spend and chat in one place. Share the cost before you are owed any money. Everybody in the group can see who paid for what and who owes out. No more disputes about money. Use Bantu on group trips abroad. Delete the group when all is done.


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