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About the product

DeftGPT is the advanced and upgraded version of ChatGPT, that provides you with instant access to information right on your browser. With a daily limit of 10 inquiries, it's free to use, but if you need unlimited access, you can always upgrade. Additionally, it's available in all countries, so no matter where you are, you can use DeftGPT.

With DeftGPT you can: ➤ Simplify Your Content Writing: DeftGPT allows you to ask questions, get instant answers, and have interactive conversations with AI. You will have instant access to GPT-4, gpt-3.5-turbo, Claude from Anthropic, and a variety of other bots.

➤ Team management: DeftGPT simplifies management and billing by enabling you to invite unlimited members to your organization account. This saves you money while boosting overall productivity. Plus, with our plan, you can unify your billing into one account for added convenience.

➤ Chat with any document powered by AI: From legal agreements to financial reports, DeftGPT allows you to get insights immediately! You can ask questions, receive summaries, locate information, and much more. Additionally, it is compatible with various formats including PDF, txt, docx, doc, and even eml!

➤Get ChatGPT-like results right next to Google Search: the perfect tool for accurate and reliable search results alongside Google. Say goodbye to irrelevant data, and get precise answers with our intelligent integration. Optimize your search experience with DeftGPT!

➤Create content anytime on Chrome: Craft exceptional content with ease using Chrome by pressing your customized shortcut. This quick and effortless way allows you to produce distinctive and engaging content or modify the existing text for tasks such as revising social media bios or condensing articles. Also, you can customize the shortcut according to your preference.

➤Use DeftGPT anywhere: DeftGPT is your go-to tool for seamless integration across a variety of platforms. Use it in popular applications such as Google Docs, email clients, and social media. Plus, with its versatility, DeftGPT works effortlessly with platforms like Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

DeftGPT streamlines your online presence, making it effortless to connect with others, generate engaging content, and amplify your reach. Our platform simplifies communication and content creation, saving you valuable time and effort. Boost your productivity and efficiency by using DeftGPT today!




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