Voice chat for remote teams to socialize.

Added by Hazmi 3 years ago

About the product

My company has allowed us to work remotely since the pandemic and although it's great but I do miss the office small talks I used to have with my colleague. The asynchronous nature of tools like Teams and Slack makes it unsuited for small conversations so I created

There are some things that make it different from other solutions.

  • It is voice only. The reason for this is because I believe voice is less intrusive than video and not everyone is on their best looks when working remotely.

  • No calling concept, you can just click a button and voice chat instantly. I want to make the process of talking to your colleague as friction less as possible.

  • See who is talking with who and join instantly. Just like in real office, I'm hoping this would encourage you to talk more with your colleague.

I hope you guys give it a try.



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