Trading made easy for everyone. Real-time buy/sell indicators on any trading assets.

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About the product

TradeDots is a TradingView buy/sell indicator that identifies market reversal patterns through the implementation of quantitative investment strategies based on price actions and market patterns.

The TradeDots indicator identifies market trends by displaying green and red dots. A green dot indicates a downward trend, while a red dot signifies an upward trend.

You can even set up your personalized trading alerts using our Telegram Bot, so you can now trade effortlessly without the need to constantly monitor your screen.

Our Advantages:

  • We provide 2x the number of trading opportunities compared to other indicators.
  • Unlike other pivot point indicators that emerge after a delay of 10 bars, our indicator is labeled immediately following the closure of the subsequent bar.
  • We effectively eliminates extraneous price fluctuations, providing precise and indispensable market signals.






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