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Build amazing product walkthroughs

Added by Ras 3 years ago

About the product

We all want to make sure our product / service offerings are clearly communicated to our potential customers.

But let's face it, we have to get it done quickly. Customers, when evaluating solutions might not spend too much time on one product and keeping their attention for long is really hard. Companies use all channels possible to make sure they grab and keep user attention. They have great looking landing pages, they make sure to get user contacts and keep pinging them about updates or asking for feedback on why they didn't get picked.

These efforts might not even yield the desired results. Furthermore, failed efforts can be painfully frustrating, totally demoralizing and cripplingly expensive.

At DivShow, we're building a platform for product owners to build presentations (we call them shows) for their websites and share with consumers with little to no effort. This allows for clearer vision delivery with less time spent by customer consuming the information.


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