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Track recurring activities .. and stick to the habits with encouraging insights and analytics.

Added by Ras 3 years ago

About the product

I had a goal of losing weight and I was able to successfully hit it a while back. Unfortunately, I gained it back after I dropped the ball on it (losing interest in underlying activities / workouts). The goal oriented approach failed!

I later started tracking my workouts. I started with going to the gym 2 times a week and in a little under 2 years raised it to 4 times .. consistently hitting my set target every week in the past 2 years. This resulted in a much better health from 2 years ago. I also started tracking other habits that I wanted to improve like playing guitar, keeping a log of my finances, calling a friend every week etc ...

What I realized is goals aren't as important as habits, and habits form based on recurring events. You need to track your habits and everything else lines up. Once you have a recurring event in front of you, the want to "check it off" takes over. You'd be surprised to see what you accomplish by just logging these events.

With that in mind I created ByteTrack a site to track recurring events for individuals to set habits for the long term and get the encouragement to stick to the schedule that leads you to a better you.

It's a free tool, and you can view the demo without logging into the app.


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