Powerful URL shortener with analytics and custom domains

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About the product

I built Blanq with two basic principles: Design and Reliability. The link shortening platform allows you to quickly shorten and manage your links and track the statistics with detailed graphs.

Branded links are a great opportunity to increase trust in links when you share them online. A recent study suggests an increase of up to 40% in click-through rates.

How is Blanq Different from other URL shorteners?

  1. Affordable plans.
  2. Focus on design and ease of use.
  3. Built to be highly reliable with near 100% SLA.
  4. 301 redirect by default. Retain your SEO.
  5. Quick email support. Often within minutes!

We are soon launching a brand new feature that lets you redirect to different links based on:

  1. Country
  2. Device type(Phone, Desktop, Tablet)
  3. Language and
  4. Platform (Windows, Mac, Linux etc).



I would love to know your feedback and features you would like to see on the platform.


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Here's a demo

shashank commented 3 years ago
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