High quality, affordable cleaning services in less than a minute.

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About the product

Hey HackStack,

I'm Diana Muturia, the founder behind Clyn. It's a major gamble finding a reliable cleaning person for our homes at a good price and on time. Clyn is here to change that.

How it started: I came to the US to study and in the last year, my new math advisor said I don't "look" like an engineer. My scholarships and grants went away and I found myself as a dropout with no money to fly back to my country. It was a dark time in my life. I went from being homeless to couch-surfing. I cleaned for people who gave me a place to stay to "earn" my stay and also in hopes of feel better. Eventually I got really good at it and got referred from neighbor to neighbor. I also made friends with other cleaners and we then realized we had the same problem; we're severely underpaid and have no one system that can help us scale our businesses. So I learned how to create UI app designs on Adobe and made a non-working prototype that I used to show my vision to contractors. After four failed attempts, completely broke in the middle of the pandemic I said, "Well the world has stopped, I might as well see if I can do it myself". I sat down and learned how to code. It was a clunky and ugly app but it worked! And it helped me learn how to communicate with developers. Now, I have a dev team and we've worked on Clyn together for the past 3 years and currently on Clyn V3.

What to expect: Clyn connects you with high quality, yet affordable cleaning services in less than a minute.

You can take advantage of Clyn to:

  1. Gain back time and sanity from the hustle of cleaning your home.
  2. Get your short-term rental ready for your next guest.
  3. Get your property listings ready for a showing or open house.
  4. Help mom and pop keep their home manageable with a few taps.

We have partnered with top cleaning businesses in the following cities, so you know you will have the same high quality service every time: Austin, TX Dallas, TX Fort Worth, TX Houston, TX San Antonio, TX Nashville, TN Raleigh, NC Durham, NC Washington, DC Chicago, IL Denver, CO Orlando, FL Ft. Lauderdale, FL Miami, FL

We are a small team and your feedback is super valuable to us.

Thank you for your support! The Clyn Squad!



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