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About the product

Codebay is tailored for programming beginners.Its unique interactive courses are engaging and seamlessly integrate learning with practice. With a dedicated AI tutor available for real-time assistance, users can ask questions whenever they encounter difficulties. Plus, there's no need for any complex installations- simply open the app or website to start coding.

  1. Code on the Go With Codebay, you can start coding immediately after downloading the app or visiting the website, writing and running your first line of code in just 10 seconds. This allows Python beginnersto begin a learning session anytime, anywhere, without any geographical,time, or conditionalrestrictions.
  2. Personal AI Tutor For beginners,seeking real-time help isn't always easy. Now, whether you have questions about course explanations or encounter issues while running code, just "Ask Dino." Our intelligent AI tutor Dino will provide personalized guidance.
  3. Interactive Learning Courses Our courses creatively incorporate interactive dialogues and immersive scenarios – imagine finding yourself coding in the Terminator's world or while exploring the romantic tale of Romeo and Juliet. Our vision is to make coding exciting and much more appealing compared to traditional methods.
  4. Coding Streak Heat Map Keep track of your progress and maintain that winning coding streak with our vibrant heat map.
  5. Knowledge Flashcards We have easy-to-understand flashcardsfor revisiting and reinforcing what you learnt.




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