BYOB // Build Your Own Brain

Build Your Own Brain (BYOB) is your AI-driven sidekick to aid all data and decision-making needs. Upload → Analyze → Converse

Added by Saurav Agarwal 6 months ago

About the product

BYOB - Build Your Own Brain is tailored for the modern data-driven business. It seamlessly ingests structured and unstructured data - be it video, audio, text or numeric. Once onboarded, BYOB efficiently pre-processes, cleans, and analyzes all of the data - revealing key insights - for most business functions. Interact with BYOB, your data guide - answering questions, forecasting trends, and steering decisions. Upload → Analyze → Converse By centralizing data, we aim to decentralise wisdom, allowing stakeholders to bypass the grunt work of data management and focus on nuanced, second-order decision-making




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