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Empowering 10 Million SMEs across the MENAP region

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About the product

Features of App

  1. One-Stop Solution: As the largest B2B business app in MENAP, Retailo wants to empower the friendly neighborhood retailer by freeing him of the worries of inventory and cash flow. Retailo offers its customers 3500+ SKUs to choose from.
  2. Next Day Delivery: Retailo offers free 24-hour delivery, making retailing simple and stress-free.
  3. Ease of Usability: The Retailo app was designed to cater to retailers and their needs. As a B2B business app, Retailo is simple to use with interactive graphics for ease of use. With Retailo, you can buy grocery items for your shop in the most hassle-free way. .
  4. Free Return Policy: As a B2B marketplace, Retailo offers a free return policy for all its delivered goods that were broken, expired, or spoiled during transit.
  5. Multiple Languages To Choose From: As a multiregional B2B marketplace, Retailo understands the diverse set of retailers it services. Retailo is available in four languages- Arabic, English, Urdu, and Roman Urdu to cater to them.

Why Choose Retailo App? Active Customer Support As a digital B2B marketplace, Retailo offers 24-hour customer support. Because of this, retailers never have to worry about any on-field issues they might be facing. Our proactive and easy-to-approach call agents are always available with the correct solution no matter how complex the question. Easy Return Policy Don’t like what was delivered to you? No need to worry! As MENAP’s fastest-growing B2B marketplace, Retailo knows that its service needs to be superior to all others. With Retailo’s flexible return policy, retailers can easily return the goods that have expired, spoiled, broken during transit or delivery. They can get these goods replaced free of cost. How to Download and Register on Retailo Here are the step-by-step instructions to download the Retailo app for free.

  1.  Click on the Install Now button to install the app.
  2.  When the app is installed, you will be able to see the icon for the app on the home screen of your mobile phone.
  3.  Click on the app icon titled “Retailo”.
  4.  Sign up by clicking on the Register button then provide your name, phone, shop name and shop address. 
  5. That’s it, happy shopping! Who We Are Retailo is the fastest-growing B2B start-up in MENAP and has digitized retail supply chains in the region. It is currently the largest digital B2B platform for shop owners. Retailo is helping shop owners adopt this new digitized way of procuring goods for their retail outlets. Through its high-powered app, driven teams, and smart operations, Retailo will unlock the earning potential of 10 million SME retailers in MENAP. With this, it aims to give the regional economy a much-needed boost.



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