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Added by Navin Pareek 2 years ago

About the product

Build a Stack (BaS) started as a side project because of the tools I needed for my business. That list has now grown to 3,500 tools and resources.

It was the #3 product of the day when it launched on ProductHunt (730+ upvotes)

The primary focus of BaS is integrate-ability. I believe that every software tool exists as part of a process. BaS allows you to choose a category, and then filter based on integration with 100+ other software tools like Hubspot, Marketo, Parabola, Datadog, Slack, OneLogin, etc.

The second focus on BaS is Usecases. I think it is useful to talk about how software is used in a company's process. I have made a start with a few articles but would love to do more.

In addition, BaS

  1. links to all the review sites (G2, Capterra, etc) and up to 120+ other places on the internet that talk about this software
  2. allows you to compare multiple products by functionality and integrations
  3. saves your favourites to "My Stack"

BaS is not perfect. It probably has a few bugs, could load faster, needs more frequent updates, etc. But let me know if you like the concept and how I can improve it.

Oh.. and BaS is built with off the shelf components and no custom code.

Finally, I have a few free 1-1 consultation sessions. If you think I can help automate processes, get your MVP to market faster, or just better your financial model, please book a slot at


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