Meet Your Calendar Defender

Added by Liviu Tudor 3 months ago

About the product

It’s time to reclaim your privacy and time! Calendrz will safeguard your schedule, defend the time across all of your calendars and give you more control over your day.

Unleash your productivity Say goodbye to double entries and double booking. Calendrz empowers you to reclaim your schedule. With our intuitive platform, you can easily block time between calendars. Whether it’s a side hustle, personal projects, or family commitments – we’ve got you covered!

Guard your schedule Calendrz syncs your personal and work calendars to give you a unified view when you’re at work. When coworkers look at your calendar, we remove the details from your personal events to keep things private.

Seize opportunities, stress-free Missing opportunities due to chaotic calendars is a thing of the past. Calendrz makes sure that important events, tasks, and meetings are slotted into your schedule seamlessly. No more double bookings or last-minute rushes – just a clear path to seize every chance that comes your way.





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