The simplest way to blog ?

Added by Betty 3 years ago

About the product

This year's been a rollercoaster for me as it has been for many others, and I was looking for a blogging platform to write down and organize the jumble of thoughts in my head. I've been really missing the Tumblr days circa early 2010s where blogging felt easy and first and foremost for myself, rather than for the engagement metrics and "likes" that current platforms prioritize...

So as a passion project, I've been coding the blogging experience I was looking for as a casual blogger. With Mewslet, you can create outlets which are themes to group your posts (you shouldn't have to be stuck in one "beat"!), jot down short 250 word posts, and share them with friends or keep private to just yourself.

Give it a try! Excited for your feedback, especially what doesn't work for you — would love to incorporate it into future iterations of Mewslet. Ping me anytime [email protected]


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