A social network for non-highlight reel content.

Added by Ben 3 years ago

About the product

These days it's pretty hard to scroll through social media without consuming endless posts from people sharing the best bits of their lives.

Holidays, toned bodies, parties, promotions, Porsches: it's interesting stuff. But, when all you're seeing is highlight reels, you might start thinking your life isn't that exciting, you might even start to feel a bit down about it.

In reality, 99% of what people do day-to-day is very normal, we just don't talk about it. Sometimes it can feel like you're the only person who stays in and watches YouTube all evening; that's not a bad thing - it's just normal, and normal is cool.

Snormal is a social network for normal people sharing normal things. We want to normalise normality.

I built Snormal as part of my Tiny Projects year long challenge:


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