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About the product

SpeakWiz is a multilingual platform where everyone can find a conversation partner in any foreign language. It is the perfect way to improve your language skills, speaking skills and language learning.

Focusing on the most applicable aspect of language proficiency – speaking, SpeakWiz makes the process of learning a language much shorter, and provides enough motivation to stick to the process. SpeakWiz creates a place of gathering for people that want to learn, practice, teach or help others to learn a language. It is all around β€œrooms”. Rooms are intended for speaking in specific language about different topics. Any person, whether a teacher or a student can create a room. Others can join the room at their own will. This concept allows learners to learn or practice the language around a topic that they are truly interested in, which provides one type of motivation.

Another type of motivation is given in SpeakWiz by adding gamification elements such as leaderboards and coins as a positive feedback that are interchangeable for virtual and physical goods that are perceived as valuable to the learner.


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