The web app that makes online meetings searchable

Added by Farhana Sarker 2 years ago

About the product

Tired of taking meeting notes? Wish there were a way for you to automatically search through the contents of your meetings? Introducing, CaptureMyMeeting!

CaptureMyMeeting is a smart, collaborative web conferencing application that records your online meetings and allows you to search through the audio contents and written contents of the meetings (e.g., text written on a whiteboard during the meeting).

We envision our app to be used by anyone who is interested in holding, saving, and indexing online meetings, such as working individuals in a conference room or at home, or students and teachers in a classroom or at home. Our goal is to make online meetings noteless and easy, from anywhere.

Check out a recorded demo of how users can use our application:

Try it out for FREE at and let us know what you think!




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