Dont Text

One app to block spam texts for good

Added by Tyler Kennedy 3 years ago

About the product

Dont Text makes it easy to block spam texts. In two quick steps you can get rid of spam texts from your phone for good.

  1. Add keywords in the app - Create a custom list of keywords to decide how to block spam texts. Block messages that contain a keyword, or allow messages past the filter with a keyword. Add as many keywords as you'd like!

  2. Watch spam disappear - Dont Text will check new messages from unknown senders and apply your filtering rules. Blocked messages are sent to the junk folder in the messages app.

In a few seconds you can have your phone free from spam. For more help blocking spam texts, upgrade to Worry Free Filtering. Worry Free Filtering blocks all spam texts even if your keywords miss them. Stop worrying about trying to block spam, phishing, and scam texts, Worry Free Filtering will take care of all spam, so you do not have to worry about creating your own filters anymore.

Privacy - Only texts from senders not saved in your contacts are checked for spam. Filtering with keywords is done on the device. Dont Text does not save or store your text message data.


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