Summarise any movie into bite-size readables without missing out on any of the important stuff. 1. Search for the movie. 2. Click it. 3. Know the movie in less than 2 minutes.

Added by Joel Dwyer 3 years ago

About the product

"Too Lazy To Watch" 🦥🎥 is something I've discovered ever since Netflix become widespread. Too many things to watch, not enough time.

I built this app to solve my own problem of wanting to talk to people about things but not having a spare 11 hours to invest in rewatching The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. ⏳

This app currently "hackily" 🌲🪓 brings the movie summary information into one place.

I already have a much better way of doing this that would also include 📺 TV series but that's a job for another week.

I hope other people get some good use out of this.


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This is very cool!

Primer commented 3 years ago
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Joel Dwyer replied 3 years ago

Thanks! :)