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If every online course came with a private tutor, wouldn't it be better!

Added by Anuj Nayyar 1 year ago

About the product

Online Courses are great, but having a private tutor is better.

I have taken a lot of online courses in my time. A lot. I always start with the same enthusiasm and hope that this time will be different, this time I'll master Python or the French Omelette.

But then I get stuck. My motivation drops and I take the day off.

The day becomes a week and before I know it, I'm back to eating regular omelettes.

Learning IRL is different, when you get stuck you have someone there to help you, to push you, to stop you quitting.

Kleu is our attempt to combine the best things about learning online with the best parts about having a private tutor.

With Kleu you can learn through online courses and if you get stuck you can video chat with the teacher. Or you can video chat with them directly in a few clicks.

At scale you will be able to let other people tutor your courses, turning your course into a fully fledged online school!


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I don't know what a MOOC is.

Primer commented 1 year ago
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Good point, updated the title

Anuj Nayyar commented 1 year ago
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