The best cloud based small business management software. Track time, send invoices, accept credit cards, see full reporting, and tedious task automation.

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About the product

Hi all! I'm pretty excited to share our project with the Hack Stack community.

AnyHow is a consultancy management platform. We began building this product in 2012 for our company Netlandish. Over the years it kept getting better and at some point we realized that, for our business at least, it was the best option available. We began to share it with our friends who would use it for their businesses and would then tell their friends about it.

We finally decided to do the work to make it available to all. While we're publicly launching today, AnyHow has already managed hundreds of projects worth millions of dollars for a couple dozen companies. In short, it's already battle tested.

Here are some of the core features currently in AnyHow:

Timesheets and/or Time logs (set to your preference) with approval workflow. Task timer if you prefer the timed method of logging activity. Discussion area for team communication w/ client access. Centralized file storage w/ client access and external sharing. Wiki with hierarchical in-depth permissions. Invoicing w/ PDF submission and shareable URL, client delivery via email, tracking who views your invoice(s) and when, and more. Accept invoice payments online. Clients can pay multiple invoices at once. Accept payments via credit card (Stripe,, Paypal CC) or Paypal web payments. All client emails are fully customizable and include template variables. Organization wide and project level reporting. Unlimited clients and client projects. Quick invoice tool to create and submit invoices for all pending hours in a few clicks. Filterable by date range, customizable invoice details, exclude project or submission support, etc. Automation for tedious tasks. Submit project status reports, automatically create invoices (hours based or flat rate), deliver project time log reports, all at fully customizable intervals. Verify hours spent by your team in a few clicks. Useful for invoice verification, etc. Group employees by teams. Easily filter virtually all sections of AnyHow by teams (ie, Project Managers) to get an overview of activity, discussions, etc. One account, unlimited organizations. If you consult via multiple companies, you can use one account to manage all of them.

Honestly, there's a lot more but, this is already getting long. If you'd like some more details see the features page or an even longer list on our YesAQ page (thx Basecamp!)

For anyone interested in trying AnyHow, just an FYI: No CC is required to create your account. You can enter it later should you decide to continue using it after your trial expires.

I'd love to answer any questions you may have!


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