Downtime Monkey

Website Downtime Alerts and Uptime Monitoring

Added by Ryan Glass 3 years ago

About the product

Downtime Monkey monitors your websites from our network of global servers. Downtime notifications to email, SMS, Slack (more to come). Response time monitoring, uptime stats and downtime logs. 60 websites monitored completely free - powerful Pro features.

There are a lot of monitoring services out there, so why Downtime Monkey?

  • Developed and run completely by a fellow Indie Hacker
  • Our Pro plans are much better value than the big operations, a fraction of the cost for the same (often better) features
  • We have micro Pro plans that start at less than a dollar a month and are perfect for Indie Hackers who want all the Pro features but only manage a few websites
  • Prices locked in for 3 years
  • Support: you get the same person every time, they have an in-depth knowledge of the application and really care because they have skin in the game
  • The UX is designed to be super easy but also give a lot of detail at a glance. Get monitoring in under a minute.


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