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Summarize any article in 1 click and deep-dive into sections that interest you.

Added by Sayoni Dutta Roy 1 year ago

About the product

ChatGPT powered article summarizer. Read the best parts of every article. Skim the rest. Key Features:

  • Saves time Extracts key points from long articles, webpages, documents, essays, blogs and more with just one click.

  • No more fluff or distractions Enjoy brief summaries and only deep-dive into sections that interest you most.

  • Don't just read, understand! Our research-backed technique improves comprehension by breaking down long articles into smaller parts.

  • No more superficial summaries With our 'Read More' feature, dive deeper into the article for better understanding.

  • Simple and Easy to Use All you need to do is install the Chrome extension. No API keys needed.




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