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About the product

Humans in Tech (HIT) is a social networking platform that aims to spark spontaneous conversations among people in the tech industry. Whether you're a student, an intern, a bootcamp graduate, a full-timer, or self-taught, this platform is for you.

HIT takes a casual approach to professional networking and makes 1-on-1 chats with inspiring individuals easier than ever. You can chat with any member to ask for career advice, brainstorm ideas, or discuss professional/personal interests. Additionally, we provide rich filters so that you can connect with individuals from a particular university, company, bootcamp, location, or who share similar roles (i.e. student, intern, etc...), or goals (i.e. Looking for internships, Getting referrals, etc..). This streamlines the process of finding the exact individuals that are right for you.

This is not just a platform for developers or engineers, it is open to all roles in the tech industry and can be a great tool for recruiters to find the right candidates for their companies.

The app is available on iOS, Android, and Web.

For any inquiries, please reach out to one of the following emails: [email protected] [email protected]




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