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About the product

Have you noticed that Spotify does not play truly random songs in your playlists, liked songs, artists etc when shuffle is turned on? Have you noticed that Spotify keeps playing the exact same series of songs every single time even though shuffle is on? Have you noticed that enabling the shuffle feature on Spotify does not actually get your songs shuffled? I noticed this too. I scoured the internet for information on how to shuffle on Spotify but all I found were websites that would slowly create a new random playlist for me to listen to every time I wanted to listen to music on Spotify. They weren't good enough. So, I decided to build my own Spotify shuffler and Virtual Shuffle – Truly Random came to life.

Virtual Shuffle – Truly Random takes control of Spotify and forces it to play truly random tracks in real-time. No more waiting for some new playlist to be created increasing clutter in your Spotify account.

To shuffle music on Spotify, simply open Virtual Shuffle – Truly Random, click the "Enable Shuffling" checkbox and give it authorization to access your Spotify account. You will see 2 notifications in your notification bar showing that Virtual Shuffle – Truly Random is running and connected to Spotify. You can now close Virtual Shuffle – Truly Random, open Spotify and play songs from your playlists, liked songs, artists etc. Virtual Shuffle – Truly Random will push truly random tracks from your collections into your queue ensuring that you hear truly random tracks. Virtual Shuffle – Truly Random will even start itself automatically if you restart your device. It's simply the best Spotify shuffler.

When you open Virtual Shuffle – Truly Random, you will see two options that will dictate how it will shuffle songs for you:

  1. Normal Shuffle
  2. Smart shuffle

Normal shuffle is well… normal. It’s completely random. It will randomly choose a track from your collection to play. Smart shuffle on the other hand is random as well but it keeps track of the songs it has already played in any given collection so that it will not play them again until all songs in that collection have been played. This ensures that you will hear every song in any collection randomly but exactly once before it resets itself. This track record persists even if you change the source of the music (Playlist/liked songs etc) or restart your device. I personally prefer and use smart shuffle all the time. If you notice a bug or want to request a new feature, you can contact me here: [email protected]

Kindly note the following: You must have a premium Spotify account for it to work. Virtual Shuffle – Truly Random is a third party solution that is not affiliated with Spotify. I am not a Spotify employee. I'm just a software developer who knows the value of a marvelous musical experience. Virtual Shuffle – Truly Random has a 7 day trial period after which you'd have to pay $1.99 every month to continue using it.

The following capabilities have been added to the app: It can help to combine playlists. It can help to delete multiple playlists at once. It can create playlists based on your favorite songs. It can remove duplicate tracks from your playlists. It can export playlists. It can import playlists. It can search through all playlists for a specific song.

You can learn more about Virtual Shuffle – Truly Random here: Even more information can be found here:

Leave the shuffling to Virtual Shuffle – Truly Random. It’ll give you a magical musical experience.




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