Personal AI writing assistant for the Mac.

Added by Ayush 7 months ago

About the product

Elephas is a personal AI writing assistant for Mac, iPhone, and iPad that allows users to save hours every day by automatically generating content, proofreading, and rewriting text to different tones. It works across popular applications and can be used to generate blog ideas, outlines, emails, professional content, executive summaries, JIRA stories, and more. Elephas also features a Smart Keyboard for iPhone and iPad, allowing users to write content seamlessly across their Apple devices.

It also comes with a Super Brain feature that helps you load your own data from various sources and create your own personal GPT.

You can add data from PDFs, doc files, Notion, Obsidian, Roam, Web URLs and even audio recordings to a brain.

With such powerful features, Elephas is the most powerful AI app to make the best use of your knowledge, and to create useful content based on it.




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