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AI-powered,human-centered review analysis Tool

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About the product

Elevate your review analysis with Octoparse VOC's AI-powered tools: product research, competitor analysis, sentiment analysis, customer Q&A highlights, and more!

Browse review webpages, input product URLs or keywords, or upload review data files to download reviews and generate quick or deep consumer insights reports.

The Octoparse VOC extension helps business download, analyze, and understand the voices of their niche faster than ever before.

== Octopares VOC Features ==

➤ Centralize reviews with ease Centralize all user reviews in a matter of minutes - with the fastest data collection technique in the market. Octoparse VOC collects and organizes authentic product reviews based on any URL, keyword, or ASIN you provide.

➤ Analyze products on page Bring the power of AI to every product page you visit with the Octoparse VOC Extension. Create data-driven product insights reports, charts, and buyer personas directly on page and get insights on demand with just one click.

➤ Peek into customer Q&As What concerns do buyers have pre-purchase? Which pain points should you address first? Octoparse VOC surfaces the most important questions from customer Q&As to help you understand what matters most.

➤ Compare products with clarity Apply comparisons to reports and see how your products are faring against top competitors in a side-by-side chart view. Identify gaps in your product or service offerings to pinpoint critical areas for improvement.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

Q: Does Octoparse VOC support other platforms other than Amazon? A: Currently the Octoparse VOC extension is only compatible with 6 Amazon country/region websites (UK, US, CA, JP, DE & FR). Support for Temu and other e-commerce platforms are on the way. You can upload review files collected from other platforms to conduct a custom review analysis.

Ready to transform the way you conduct review research? Get started for free today!

Learn more: https://voc.octoparse.com




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