Create attractive walkthrough guides for your products & customers

Added by Mark Anthony Sabanal 2 months ago

About the product

MotionShot helps you make informative guides for multiple use cases such as guides about your product to your customers, tutorial guides for your new on-boards or employees, create product walkthrough for your sales demos etc. As a result you have happy customers and less churn, quick knowledge share with your employees or new on-boards, and better conversion for your sales. It takes less than 5 minutes to make guide on MotionShot.

SaaS often involved with flows that are hard to understand for a non-tech customer. This leads to unhappy customers, churn, and costs a ton. If not, it increases support tickets, customer service efforts at minimum.

You need better resources, guides of your product which are easily consumable for your customers. These guides or resources can be a documentation, PDF, a video, etc. but the best one is easily understandable for your customers.




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