Turn your meetings into smarter decisions. Record, read transcript, add notes.

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About the product


Banafo helps you record everything that is being said during a meeting. You can re-listen to the conversation. Or win even more time with the automatically generated transcripts.

Easily add notes, highlight important parts and you will never forget anything important again.

Easy setup:

  1. Create a free Banafo account in under a minute.
  2. Install the free Banafo browser extension.
  3. Record your next…
  • job interviews with candidates
  • project meetings with your team
  • status meetings with a client
  • online presentations for investors and stakeholders
  • webinars with your leads
  • etc

The automatically generated transcripts combined with your own notes give you a huge advantage during

  • follow-up conversations
  • staff training
  • project planning
  • decision making

Beta users are rewarded:

Create a Banafo PRO account for free during our public beta period. And enjoy **2 additional months PRO for free **after we have launched officially.

Included in the PRO account:

  • 20 hours of audio transcription per month
  • connect with your favorite CRM
  • access to the Banafo API to add our transcription service to your app

Take 2 minutes today and start saving hours of manual transcribing right away.

Have a fruitful day!





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