Take control of your financial future.

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About the product

Name: Chromabill (

Elevator pitch: Spend less time worrying about your personal finances and more time focusing on your priorities.

The product: Chromabill is a B2C personal finance application that focuses on accelerating a healthier financial future for millennials. We’re building a platform that focuses on customization to create a custom-tailored experience for each and every user. We’re providing tools to aid with bill tracking, budgeting, saving, debt payoff, and more. We’re also working with strategic partners to enable users to build a strong financial foundation through short easy to read articles, videos, and podcasts. We streamline the experience and bring all your financial resources into one central place.

The market: Our customers are young millennials 20-30 years old which make up 73 Million in the US alone (62% of which are living paycheck to paycheck).

Why Makes Us Different? The fintech titans currently on the market like Stash and Acorns automate everything for you and take control of your bank account. They aren’t focused on helping you with your long-term personal finance education. They’re not focused on helping you acquire assets and eliminate liabilities because they’re designed to be used as a short term solution. At Chromabill, we help push you in the right direction. We ask our users to unlearn everything they’ve been taught and start a new. We aim to disrupt the fintech industry and help educate our users on how to become more financially stable in their lives.


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