Autonomous AI Assistant for Work

Added by Oliver Coleshill 5 months ago

About the product

Lemmy is your autonomous AI assistant for work.

Save more than 10 hours per week as Lemmy connects to your work tools, actively thinking about ways to reduce your workload and improve your output. It regularly delivers intelligent assistance.

That means Lemmy can:

  • Find information across your entire work stack
  • Come up with ideas you hadn't considered
  • Send reminders
  • Find solutions to previously discussed problems
  • Get feedback and pinpoint errors
  • Conduct research, prompted or unprompted

Prompt Lemmy as a chatbot, or let it autonomously provide insights.

The more you interact with Lemmy, the more it learns your needs and how it can best support you.

It's like having a Fortune 500 level executive assistant whose sole purpose is to make your work life easier and improve your output.




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