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Added by Navin Pareek 2 years ago

About the product

These are not your typical "best-sellers" although there are a few of those too. So you won't find a "Men are from Mars ... ", for example. In fact most of the recommendations have very few reviews on Amazon. Most are books/interventions based on sound psychological principles and recommended by healthcare professionals as helpful solutions.

There are 35 categories covering everything from assertiveness to procrastination to happiness to stress & anxiety, smoking cessation, sexuality, career development, parenting, love, marriage, living with long-term conditions, aging, grief, etc, etc.

I have personally benefited from a couple of these books. My daughter was quite afraid of the dark and "Overcoming your Child's Fears and Worries" was extremely helpful. The books by Dr. Barbara Rolls on "Volumetrics" have helped keep my weight in check. A few others have given me unique perspectives that help me in my day-to-day life.

Hope you find something helpful too!

It is a web app ... so no installation and no login.


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